A celebration of all things equestrian

Monday 28th May 2018
Tabley Park, Near Knutsford, WA16 0HB

2018 will be the 83rd Warrington Horse Show and the 6th year at the Tabley Showground.

Every year we welcome thousands of visitors and riders to the Show - to enjoy excellent competition and a great family day out.

The Warrington Horse Show is a celebration of all things equestrian. It combines top showing and competition action with an entertainment filled family event.

The Show encompasses a huge variety of attractions. From the spectacular national and international Show Jumping competitions to extensive showing classes and enthralling displays, it has a breadth and variety which will appeal to everyone in the equestrian world.

In 2017 we were pleased to announce that there was a Grade C Show Jumping class in the main arena.  This continues in 2018 with many more top qualifier classes

We are also re-introducing a Fancy Dress which will be judged by a celebrity in the Main Arena.

The show also offers entertainment for the family whether you are competing, supporting a rider or simply want a great family day out.  2018 will see the addition of new attractions and entertainment, as well as a Farmers Market, Dog Show, Falcons, Carriage Driving and new classes being introduced in conjunction with Cheshire County Show 2018. 

Video coverage of the show in 2014 at Tabley Park:

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